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What is COPC Senior Care Advantage?

The COPC Senior Care Advantage program is not a new Medicare Advantage plan. Rather it is a new approach to care delivery. Under this program, you have the flexibility to choose a health plan from one of the four participating insurance companies and still have access to the same innovative care program COPC has designed to enhance your access to wellness and health education services, as well as care coordination resources when you need them.

COPC Medicare Advantage patients who are enrolled with Anthem, Aetna, Humana, MediGold, OptumCare, and UnitedHealthcare are automatically enrolled in our COPC Senior Care Advantage Program.

Our Medicare Advantage patients will work closely with their primary care physician, care team and specialist physicians to prevent, anticipate and manage health issues to maintain their best health in the most convenient and cost-effective manner. We want our COPC Senior Care Advantage patients’ healthcare experience to be the best it can be whether it is being cared for by our primary care physician and care team in one of our medical offices, same day center, or diagnostic imaging center or seeing one of our network providers.

Our COPC Senior Care Advantage patients will be encouraged to complete an annual wellness visit with their COPC primary care physician. This comprehensive, individualized assessment will provide an annual roadmap to improved health and wellness. It is the gateway for our patients to access our specialized programs for diabetes, COPD and care coordination.


Why we created the COPC Senior Care Advantage program. Why it will be good for patients, physicians and care team.

The COPC Senior Care Advantage team working closely with participating, Medicare Advantage health plans advances our population health model to provide higher quality and more personalized and efficient care for Medicare Advantage patients who have a COPC primary care physician. It allows us to shift the services traditionally performed by health plans into the hands of the COPC primary care physicians, where healthcare decisions reflect a lifelong commitment to the highest quality medical care. It is the only program in the greater Columbus area that provides this level of service for seniors.

Our Mission Statement

To provide the highest quality of primary health care to our patients while maintaining the highest ethical principles.

COPC was established in 1996 when a group of 33 physicians chose to focus more on the quality of patient care they were providing and less on the administrative paperwork. The result was the creation of an administrative support team that gave doctors more freedom to do what they do best - practice medicine.

The COPCP Senior Care Advantage program is an extension of this philosophy. With our new model for Medicare Advantage patients, additional staff members have been added to the COPC care team which encourages seamless coordination across all aspects of our patient's healthcare experience.

Today, as more like-minded physicians join us, we are the largest physician-owned primary care medical group in the U.S. Our 527 physicians and healthcare professionals provide personalized care for our patients at 86 locations in Central Ohio.

The COPC Senior Care Advantage program, designed exclusively for COPC patients with Medicare Advantage coverage, offers an array of clinical and education services to help you stay healthy and active.

Several of these programs have been developed to offer additional services for patients with chronic illness such as diabetes and COPD. Other programs focus on care transitions and coordination services for patients who have recently been hospitalized in order to make a safe and comfortable transition back home.

Maximum out-­of-pocket costs 
If you require frequent testing and specialized treatment, your healthcare spending can really add up. However, you can enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan with a maximum on out-of-pocket costs. This ensures you do not spend over a set amount on your healthcare needs in a year.

How do I get started and what are the enrollment deadlines?

Finding the right Medicare Advantage plan with the benefits you need can be simpler if you get the guidance you need to make the best plan choice.

Schedule a conversation with a licensed agent who can walk you through the benefits offered in each of the plans available to you. There is no obligation to enroll in a plan. There is no fee for the conversation and it is only to educate you about your options as you are not obligated to join.

For patients who are turning 65, there is a window of opportunity where you can select your Medicare coverage. First-­time Medicare beneficiaries have what is called an Initial Enrollment Period. This period starts three months prior to your 65th birthday, includes your birth month, and extends three months after your birth month. It’s important to enroll during this time.

Patients who have previously turned 65 and opted for coverage through traditional Medicare, can select Medicare Advantage coverage every year during the Medicare Annual Election Period, which runs from October 15 – December 7th.

Email the COPC Senior Care Advantage Advisor at for more information or a referral to a licensed insurance agent who can assist COPC patients with their Medicare coverage decisions.