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Primary care doctors look at payment overhaul after pandemic disruption

Kaiser Health News quotes Dr. T. Larry Blosser, Medical Director for Outpatient Services at COPC, about how primary care physicians were better off with value-based care during the pandemic. Read more about the story that appeared on Chicago Tribune

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12 Factors That Put You At "Severe Risk" For COVID-19

There are many factors that put you at “severe risk” for COVID-19. Dr. Robert Stone, MD of Central Ohio Primary Care says age can be one of them since incidence of hypertension and cardiovascular disease is greater. Read this article to learn more about these risk factors.

COPC Showing Great Success with Telehealth

60 Strong Calendar Celebrates and Embraces Those in Their Golden Years

Bill Wulf, M.D., CEO of COPC, joined Bill Davidge, Columbus 60 Strong Ambassador, Multiple Myeloma survivor and Columbus Blue Jacket Broadcast Analyst, for an interview about the 60 Strong program on NBC4’s “Daytime Columbus Show.” The 60 Strong initiative is a collaboration between COPC and agilon health to introduce COPC Senior Care Advantage, which offers seamless and greater coordination of healthcare for seniors. Bill Davidge and 12 other inspiring Ambassadors, who have overcome extraordinary challenges, are featured on a 2019 calendar of Columbus activities and events. They serve as spokespersons to other seniors about the importance of staying positive and making health a priority.

Ohio Sixty Somethings Who Are Overcoming Adversity: Paying Health Forward

The pages of the calendar reveal a new year and new opportunities…and for many Baby Boomers, “take better care of myself” is likely on their 2019 resolution list. Exemplifying that is a dynamic group of Ohio 60 somethings...

COPC Physician Promotes Eating Fruits and Veggies to Promote Health

Joseph McKelvey slid some kale from his cutting board into a colander and moved on to chopping up butternut squash.

The December afternoon marked the first time the 64-year-old retiree was making butternut squash and kale soup, a recipe he learned from “Real Men Cook and Eat Vegetables,” a program of the Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center.